Why You’re Stuck in the Friendzone

Friendzoned again, huh? You thought that you were being so good to that girl you’ve fancied for 6 months but the lady still hasn’t taken the hint yet? Now she is getting interested in some other guy and you’re getting desperate to show that you really care about her and want to be her sweetheart.

Does that sound familiar to you? Has this happened to you before? May worry – you’re not alone. Many men are in the same placement with girls right now and have no idea how to get out of it.

You may thought the best way to reach a girl’s heart was to possibly be friends first, so that she can see that you’re not just several creepy guy who just wants to have sex with her, as well as you don’t want her to think you’re some kind of “bad boy”, either – the kind of guy who wears a natural leather jacket and tattoos and slaps girls around in addition to thinks that kind of behaviour is normal.

Well, your motives are good but you are NOT getting the success you want with ladies because you have failed to understand FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY. In order to be aware that, we need to go back to the prehistoric Stone Age.

Stone Age women got 3 basic needs that they expected men to provide instructions

  • 1 . Food
  • 2 . Babies
  • 3. Safety

Some adult males she knew were hunter-gatherers who went out looking for foods. Other men gave her babies to continue her DNA. Still others organized themselves to keep the women and youngsters of the tribe safe. So the 3 jobs of gentlemen were –

  • 1 . Provider
  • 2 . Procreator
  • 3. Defender

Fast-forward to today, and today’s modern woman has not changed much in her psychology since the Stone Age! Still these days the terms are different –

  • 1 . Friendzone
  • 2 . not Loverzone
  • 3. Protectorzone

Women still categorize men directly into these 3 basic types. So if you do stuff on her behalf, listen to her problems, offer favours and make yourself open to her at all times and be a “nice guy”, she is going to put you in the friendzone¬† – you are behaving like a provider inside the Stone Age.

If you behave like you’re keeping her risk-free and protecting her from danger, she will treat you enjoy a protector. Usually, protectors these days are often older fellas whom she is not attracted to but who perform that will role, such as police officers, firefighters, older, rich guys, you realize, the “Daddy Warbucks” type of guy who offers your girlfriend financial security and a nice place to live.

If you want to often be her boyfriend, you need to imitate the behaviour of the PROCREATOR. This guy needs to be a guy to whom she feels safe transferring on her DNA. So he needs to be strong, not just in features or physical strength, but also someone who challenges her to live on up to HIS standards, a LEADER who is SEXUALLY CONFIDENT plus knows how to TURN HER ON and who thus can efficiently mate with her. She will feel that he is a good choice because he or she knows his way around the bedroom, can prepare the body for making babies and has the attitudes that advise he would be a good dad and role model to her children. So she will have sex with HIM.

If you think getting the procreator is the best option and the other two types regarding men get a bit of a raw deal from women aid think again. You see, actually, women are not all that thrilled by the guy who’s great in bed but can’t hold a very good conversation to save his life and is irresponsible about planning for the future. Similarly, she’s not impressed by the “provider” person who is great at listening but is boring or bashful in bed and isn’t confident enough to believe his long term can be better. Neither is she amazed by some old guy who flashes his money around and has a fast automobile but talks so boringly about his job and is also so-so in the bedroom.