Android App Review – Picking Up Women With Mind Reading and Technology

Will you be more successful with women? What guy doesn’t? In my opinion one of the hardest things in the pick-up was asking for a new girls number. I mean half the time they said no, the opposite half they gave me the number to the local Pizza Shelter or something. It was with this bad luck that I ran across this cool little app called the “JM Mind Reader”. There are tried this app out quite a few times and I have to declare it works well and it does exactly what is advertised. Let me discuss some of its features with you.

The app is light source so it won’t take up a lot of room on your phone. These have the sole purpose of making it easier for you to get a woman’s phone number. Here’s how it works. You have been talking to this lady for 10 as well as 15 minutes. You have told your best jokes and looked your girlfriend deeply in the eyes (lol). You want to ask her with her number but you have no idea how you are going to do it. This is when this particular app comes in handy. Whip out your phone and ask the if she believes in magic.

You tell her that you phone has magical powers and ask her to type in their cell phone number so your phone can whisper the secret to her cell phone. Then you tell her to pick out an item off the table. Once the woman does you have her put her finger on the phone tv screen and boom… your phone texts her phone the name of the item she had chosen.

The app works by a super easy principle of magic called equivoque. This is where you quite simply (unknown to the spectator) force them to choose an item you may have pre-selected. The genius of this app isn’t in the magic, but it’s in the fact that a girl isn’t going to explain to you “no” about giving up her phone number when it’s for a miracle trick. It isn’t like you are asking her on a night out, you are doing a magic trick. It is simple and gorgeous.

After you get the app you have good instructions and a website you can travel to for several routines you can use to make the “magic” work. All in all In my opinion the “JM Mind Reader” is a good product and it feasible to get your attention if you have an Android phone. I am not sure once they plan to put it on the iPhone, but they really should consider it. Best of all is definitely its price. The app is free. Know more about AppBlast – Download Apps – App Reviews, Similar Apps & more. Latest … Play cards with friends and people all over the world online