Dangers of Roman Shades and Roll Up Blinds

One can find dangers and hazards attributed to Roman shade and roll-up blinds. These types of window blind coverings or treatments can hurt children or worst death may occur. Lots of people would suggest that using cordless window blinds is the better preference as they do not pose dangers to children through strangulation. So the question now is how or why these types of device pose any danger to children?

If you have a Aventure shades for your treatments or coverings, the danger of strangulation is a reality. A child might place the cord in his and also her neck between through the exposed inner cord as well as fabric of the blinds. It can also be dangerous when the child gloves it around his or her neck and then pull it out. Facts are that these products have this problems for quite some time but there seems to be not much attention to it since there is little media coverage or possibly exposure of the hazards of the products.

If your house or even room has the roll up blind, strangulation can also occur as soon as by lifting the loop slides off of the side of your blind and his or her neck gets entangled knowledgeable. It can also be hazardous to a child when he or she bought their neck between the lifting loop and the roll up shades.

In the years between 1994 and 2000, the Consumer Device Safety Commission and the Window Covering Safety Council published recalls to reparação de estores to prevent cord strangulation risks (according to Examiner. com article of December 15, 2009). This shows the hazards and dangers of these particular products and solutions. The industry even offered free repair kits as a result.

Nonetheless there are things you can do in order to prevent any of these dangers or problems from happening. First and foremost is to make sure that there are no you can get cords on the front, back and the side of the product. And do room furniture, beds and especially cribs near your windows in which a child can have access to it. And best advice yet using cordless window blinds.

While the dangers and hazards are indeed serious, there is always some solutions to this problem as the industry is meticulously monitoring these products are getting into the market. We need to be more trustworthy and look at these cords as dangerous to small children and hazards as well. Knowing this dangers can really help united states prevent any untoward incidents in the future.