The Strategy to Rotate Video in Windows Media Player

As a result of the high quality cameras which are incorporated with today’s tablets and smartphones, a lot people have the capacity to capture short video clips as well as full size features wherever and whenever. If you have a PC, odds are you’ll want to see these records in your own personal computer through Windows Media Player.

Unfortunately you will often encounter videos which were listed in the incorrect orientation, which makes it hard to see them as planned when they are opened in Windows Media Player. Since there’s no built-in method to rotate video from Windows Media Player, we must reach out to further applications.

Rotate Video With VLC

Follow the following steps to rotate video in VLC.
While Windows Movie Maker was formerly the go-to program for rotating movie, it’s not supported by Microsoft and aren’t advocated as a feasible choice. VLC media player, meanwhile, is a oft-updated free option preserved through an active open source developer community. Before beginning, you will first have to download and install VLC for Windows in the VideoLAN site.

Launch the Free VFX program and start the movie which you want to rotate by choosing Media -> Open File from the home menu.
Click Tools, found in the primary menu just above your own video. When the drop-down menu appears, select the Effects and Filters alternative. You might also use this keyboard shortcut set up of the menu thing: CTRL+E.

Free VFX
The Adjustments and Effects interface must be exhibited, overlaying the primary VLC window. Click the Video Effects tab.
Within the Video Effects segment, Click the Geometry tab.
Click the checkbox accompanying the Transform alternative so that the drop-down menu becomes available. In this menu, select all the available choices meets your requirements. Your movie will be rotated automatically as you create a choice, which means that you can navigate through each one until you locate the desired orientation.
Once satisfied with the spinning, Click the Save button. Next, choose Closeto come back to the primary VLC interface.
Now that the movie was rotated, it is time to store your file in its proper format. Click Tools and choose Preferences once the drop-down menu looks, or use the following keyboard shortcut rather: CTRL+P.
The Simple Preferences interface must now be visible. Towards the base of the window is a choice tagged Show settings, followed by two buttons. Select All.
In the left menu , scroll down till you find the Stream outputsection. Click the arrow accompanying the Sout flow alternative, found in this segment, to enlarge its list of configurations.
Select the Transcode setting. On right-hand side of the display, put a check mark beside the Rotate video filter alternative by clicking on it once.
Select the Save button to use these modifications and return to the primary VLC window.

Free VFX
Click Media from the main menu and Pick the Convert/Save choice, or use another keyboard shortcut rather: CTRL+R.
The Open Media interface must currently be exhibited, overlaying the primary VLC window. Click the Add button and pick the first file which you’ve rotated. Then Choose the Convert/Save button.
The Convert conversation will then be visible. Click the Browse button, situated in the Destination segment, and pick an present file to overwrite or enter a new path and filename to your rotated video.
Finally, click the Start button to finish the conversion and then spare the properly-rotated video document into your preferred destination.

Using an Online Video Rotator

If you would rather not download and install a program to rotate a movie yourself, then there are numerous ad-driven online alternatives accessible via your internet browser which could deal with the rotation to you. There are limits with the majority of the solutions, however, for example, inability to spin long videos.

Below are a few of our preferred browser-based solutions, which permit you to rotate video documents and then get them for viewing in Windows Media Player.