What to do if your Rental Auto Breaks Down

Among the advantages of leasing a vehicle is the reassurance that comes from understanding that the vehicle you’re driving is in good repair. What happens, however, if your Cancun Car Rental breaks down? Do you understand what to do?

Plan for Breakdowns Before You Reserve Your Rental Car

Even before you begin searching for a great rental car rate, pull out your auto insurance coverage, credit card quotes and auto association info. Discover whether your auto insurance insures towing or roadside assistance for leasing cars which you drive. Telephone your credit card company and ask if your card benefits include towing or additional perks associated with leasing cars. Should you belong to AAA, CAA, The AA or a different automobile association, inquire about towing, tire repairs and roadside assistance benefits which may apply to leasing cars.

If you don’t have towing or roadside assistance coverage for rental cars, then you might have the ability to buy travel insurance policy that contains this policy.

Tip: Remember to bring your coverage, credit card or membership information with you on your journey.

Cancun Car Rental

Reserving Your Rental Car

As soon as you’ve discovered the ideal speed for your vehicle that you want, examine the leasing terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may not fit the contract you’ll be provided when you pick up the vehicle, however you’ll find an overall idea of the services that your car rental firm offers and the excess charges you may need to pay.

Tip: Look for info about windows, tires, windshields, roofs, undercarriages and keys locked in cars. Many car rental firms exempt services and repairs for all these items from Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policy, which usually means you’ll need to cover the whole cost of those repairs and compensate the automobile leasing firm for reduction of use of the car throughout the fix period.

At the Car Rental Counter

Request whether emergency assistance is included in your rental fee. In a few nations, car rental firms charge additional for roadside assistance.

Confirm your policy from the insurance provider, credit card issuer or auto association will be admired if a lease car breaks down.

Learn what to do if your rental car breaks down and has to be towed to a mechanic or leasing office.

Look to find out whether your rental car has a spare tire and, even if it will, what size it is. When there’s absolutely no sparetime, ask what you need to do if you get a flat tire.

Tip: Ask about the particular streets you intend to travel. In New York, by way of instance, the country parkway system includes a contract with a towing business. All vehicles which break down on a parkway has to be towed by this corporation. This implies that in the event you’ve got a issue with your rental vehicle, you might be asked to cover your contracted towing company to move your vehicle off the parkway; you’d then have to ask another tow truck to take the vehicle to a nearby airport or leasing office so that you may exchange it for another vehicle.

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If Your Rental Car Breaks Down

Situation #1: Your Rental Car Has a Problem, but You Can Drive It
You have to get in touch with your auto rental company when you’ve got an issue with your rental vehicle. Your contract requires one to accomplish this, and the hassle of trading your initial automobile for one that runs correctly is a small matter when compared with the issues of managing fees associated with your violation of contract. Ordinarily, you’ll be advised to push the car to the closest airport or car rental office so that you can exchange it for a different automobile.

But if you know you’ll be held accountable for a small, fixable issue, it may be simpler and more economical to cover the fix yourself (that you may need to pay for anyway) and continue with your own trip.

Tip: If you’re involved in a collision when driving a rental vehicle, constantly contact the local authorities in addition to your car rental business. Receive a police report, shoot photos of the crash scene and surrounding region and don’t admit to liability for the crash.

Situation #2: Your Rental Car Cannot Be Driven
If your rental car’s oil light comes on or a significant system fails, halt the vehicle, call for help and await help to get there. Do your very best to get into a safe location, but don’t continue driving in the event that you understand that doing this will harm the vehicle. Telephone your automobile leasing company and tell them exactly what your surroundings want. Important: If you don’t feel secure, state so. Your car rental firm should react in a means that causes you to feel safer.

Should you break down away out of a car rental office and there’s not any quick way for the car rental business that will assist you, request consent to get your car towed to an automotive mechanic. Write down the title of the individual who gave you consent and rescue all documentation about the fix so you may be reimbursed once you return the vehicle.

Tip: Never cover a costly community fix unless the car rental firm has approved you to do so. Consistently get consent for repairs, towing and rental auto exchanges.